ClickCease Traditional Oktoberfest Lederhosen With Modern Twists

Traditional Oktoberfest Lederhosen With Modern Twists

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From the pages of German fashion magazines we bring you some style ideas on how you can rock a pair of authentic suede Lederhosen at Oktoberfest 2014 but with a modern, edgy look you can own.


Accessorize a pair of suede Lederhosen with hiking boots and socks, a flannel top and a jaunty hunting hat with feather accents. Leave the countryside and team your Lederhosen with knee-hi boots and a poncho nipped in at the waist. Oktoberfest isn't just about the Beer Tent, turn the fair ground into a show ground in Lederhosen, boots, soft blouses and rustic woollies for when the sun goes down. Lederhosen, plaits and tats.


His and hers Lederhosen and sneakers - stylish and comfy. German folk music rocker Andreas Gabalier showing you don't need sleeves or suspenders to rock a pair of Lederhosen.


Golden brown suede Ladies Lederhosen and mid brown Mens Lederhosen with Trachten shirt available for sale online or in store at Disguises, Brisbane. Authentic soft suede Lederhosen with traditional embroidery. The Lederhosen are fully lined and come with detachable suspenders that also feature matching embroidery. A large range of sizes to choose from.

Vintage Lederhosen, with wear, time and age your Lederhosen can also attain this look.




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