Halloween Costumes For Hire

Halloween Costumes For Hire

Halloween costumes for hire online or in Brisbane costume shop where you get professional fitting assistance. Our huge Halloween fancy dress & accessory range includes: fake blood, makeup, wounds, fangs, masks, tattoos, capes and wigs.
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At Disguises, we stock the best costumes at the best prices. From zombies, ghosts and ghouls to vampires, winged beasties and accessories, we have something to suit everyone, including a great range of character costumes. So, whether you want to be a teen werewolf or Neo from the Matrix, look no further than Disguises.

You can view our Halloween range below or, for other “disguises” for various occasions, click the Occasions drop-down menu above. For more information or any inquiries, email info@disguises.com.au or call (07) 3255 1990.

The word Halloween originates from All Hallows’ Eve, which is also sometimes called All Hallows’ for short. Halloween isn’t a national public holiday in Australia but is becoming increasingly popular with lots of company and private Halloween events and parties every year. Some Australians even go as far as to decorate their homes for Halloween with jack-o-lanterns, fake cobwebs and images of witches with black cats.

Trick-or-treating in Australia has also become more popular in recent years especially in family neighborhoods where parents and their children visit neighbors in organised groups so the kids can enjoy the tradition of asking for treats so that their ‘victims’ can avoid having a trick played on them. Halloween is one of the oldest celebrated festivals each year. It dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which is pronounced, “sow-win”.

Historically, the festival of Samhain took place on the 31st of October to celebrate the end of the harvest season. Ancient Gaels believed that on the night of October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of the dead and the living overlapped resulting in the dead coming back to life to create chaos, sickness and damage crops.

Gifts and treats were left out to pacify these resurrected spirits in the belief that this act of pacification would also ensure bountiful crops next year. The festival also involved bonfires to attract insects, which in turn attracted bats. Bats were believed to be a lucky omen in warding off evil spirits. Masks and costumes were worn too in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits and appease them. In more recent times these ancient traditions have evolved into the traditional activities that are associated with Halloween today like trick-or-treating, bonfires, costume parties and carving jack-o-lanterns.

In western countries, Halloween celebrations first appeared in the USA in the early 1900s as a result of Scottish and Irish migrants going there. The festival has since also become popular all over the world, especially in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

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