1970's Costumes & Fancy Dress Accessories

1970's Costumes & Fancy Dress Accessories1960's and 1970's costume fashion women and men ideas for sale: Woodstock, ladies retro jumpsuits, mod suits, gogo dance dresses and boots, vintage outfits for couples. The superhero dress ups were very popular for 70s parties as well. Come in and try some of our great range.

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Our Range of 70s Costumes

Are you planning a 1970s fancy dress party? Maybe you’ve been invited to one and you’re wondering what 1970s costumes to wear? To get you all inspired, let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember what the 1970s in Australia was all about. Much of the social, political and cultural changes that Australia and the world saw in the 1960s continued during the 1970s too; protests about Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, the global oil crisis in the early ‘70s and protests for the rights of women and Australia’s indigenous people all helped to shape the decade. TV shows like Countdown became hugely popular and influential. The growing popularity of television and radio also contributed to more real-time and interactive sports coverage with Australian’s being able to follow major sporting events from the comfort of home with friends and family. The glam rock, hippie, and disco ‘crazes’ dominated fashion trends during the 1970s in Australia. Bell-bottomed jeans, long hair, flowing fabrics, flares, wide tides and fitted shirts were all popular, whilst the feminist movement was claiming that women having to wear bras and corsets was oppressive and encouraged them to discard them. Men started growing beards and sideburns; particularly those who were into the hippie movement. These are all great starting points when planning what 1970s costume you’d like to wear. Throughout the 1970s Glam Rock was hugely popular in Australia with acts like AC/DC, Skyhooks, Daddy Cool and Little River Band and the distinctive sound of ‘Australian pub rock’ emerged too, which was characterised by the simple rhythms and melodies and the heavy electric guitars and drums of bands like Cold Chisel and Midnight Oil. Now you have a flavor for the times, maybe you’ve decided or started getting some ideas on what your 1970s fancy dress costume is going to be - are you going hippie, heavy rock or groovy disco?! Whichever theme you choose, at Disguises, Brisbane we have a huge range of 1970s fancy dress costumes and accessories to hire or buy at prices that certainly won’t break the bank!
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