ClickCease Sizing For Fancy Dress Costumes

We stock a large variety of costume brands. The sizing of each brand differs slightly.  Yes, very annoying, we know. For that reason we always recommend customers try on costumes before hiring them.  If you have booked online and find when you've come to collect your costume that it doesn't fit,  we'll just swap it for another size or another costume, whatever is available for you to choose from.

OK, but what if you're buying?  We provide a size guide with our retail costumes.  We try our best to give you an idea of what the costume sizes are equivalent to in standard Australian sizes.  We do this by knowing our product.  Some brands we have stocked for years and we know what to expect from them.  With new brands we unpack sample costumes, measure them, try them on, observe how they fit customers in the store, discuss them and use that information to help you to pick the most suitable size for you. If we notice a range may be a particularly small or large fit, we'll let you know.

Some general advice - in the ladies' ranges of short and sassy costumes, the fit is usually small.