Pirate Costumes & Fancy Dress Accessories

Pirate Costumes & Fancy Dress AccessoriesWith the best selection of Pirates costumes in Australia, we have everything you need for your fancy dress party. Shop online or visit our shop in Brisbane. Avast all ye land lubbers, there's clobber aplenty in the pirate costume hire range. 
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Pirate Costumes for Men, Women and Kids

The popularity and success of Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise have made pirate themed fancy dress parties very popular in recent years and at Disguises we have a great choice of pirate costumes and accessories for both guys and girls. Dressing up in a swashbuckling pirate costume is great fun and will get you all ready to have a memorable night. At Disguises we can help to get you looking totally authentic with our range of buccaneer outfits, wigs, boots, toy muskets, fake tattoos and more. Pirate facts and folklore fascinate most people and just so that you are all in the know, here are some interesting, fun facts about pirates that you can use as inspiration for your choice of pirate costumes and accessories. The most famous and scary pirate of all time was probably Blackbeard, whose real name was Edward Teach. He was the captain of a ship called The Queen Anne's Revenge, which he captured from the French navy in 1717. Despite being the most well known pirate, Blackbeard wasn’t the most successful pirate of all time; that accolade probably goes to Bartholomew Roberts aka Black Bart who, at the height of his success, is reported to have captured over 400 ships. The origins of the pirates skull and crossbones flag, known as the Jolly Roger, are actually unknown but two popular theories are that it might of come from the red flag that the French navy used to use called the Joli Rogue which translates to “pretty red” and was used warned other ships that no mercy would be shown in battle. The other popular theory is that the Jolly Roger was derived from “Old Roger” – a historic term for the Devil! Pirates weren’t only men, there were a few successful female pirates too including Mary Read, Anne Bonny, Grace O’Malley, and Ching Shih. Contrary to popular belief, most pirate treasure wasn’t gold and silver. It was usually more practical loot like food, lumber, cloth, and animal hides that they either kept for their own use or traded for gold or silver. From around 1650 onwards, the pirates used to congregate at a new hideout in Jamaica called Port Royal, which is where the reference in the Pirates of the Caribbean films comes from. Port Royal was a wild and crazy place where the pirates used to go to party and trade their ill-gotten gains. Misfortune met with Port Royal in 1692 though when an earthquake destroyed it. Every pirate ship used to have it’s set of rules, which were mostly about what was expected of everyone onboard and how any loot would be divided up. Surprisingly, despite each ship having it’s own rules, the one rule they all had in common was that there was to be no fighting aboard the ship between the crew! Grog was the pirate’s favorite drink. It was a cocktail of rum, water, lemon juice, and sugar. Huh, are you wondering if that’s where rum punch came from like we are?! So, there you have it! Now you’re all in the know about pirates, you just need to get your pirate costume ordered and you’re ready for a great night of fun. Dressing in costume can be an amazing way to put aside your identity for a night in order to let your fun, playful side out. With a pirate costume, you can be ready to show your whimsical side for any big event, from Halloween party to fancy dress gala. When you're hoping to make a swash-buckling entrance into your next costumed occasion, a pirate costume is the perfect way to put your dress up skills to the test.

Our Range of Pirate Costumes

Don't want to buy a pirate costume but still need all the style and edge an amazing outfit can bring? We are pleased to offer an extensive selection of pirate costumes for hire to make sure you can achieve the look you want. Our selection includes both men's and women's costumes in dozens of colors, styles, and cuts, guaranteeing the right fit for any event. In addition, we also carry a full line of child-sized costumes for your little one's fancy dress needs.

Don't need a whole costume? No worries - we also carry pirate-themed accessories, like boots and swords, to provide the perfect finishing touches to any look. Whether you want to dress as a sultry pirate maiden or a sword-slinging Jack Sparrow, our selection of costumes can provide the perfect solution for any costume party.

Premium Quality and Affordable Prices

Purchasing costumes online can be questionable at times, allowing no opportunity for shoppers to feel fabrics, verify sizing, and determine appropriate quality. Instead of purchasing a costume blindly and hoping it's the right choice, you can always count on us. We only stock high quality costumes designed to create an amazing look, ensuring you get the right fit for any event without worrying about receiving a costume of questionable caliber.

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