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The ‘80s was a loud decade filled with so many iconic looks. From action movie heroes to studded leather jacket rockers, the list of characters is endless. If you have an ‘80s themed costume party approaching, you have heaps of outfit options to choose from with our huge range of 80s costumes.

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Disguises – For All Your ‘80s Fancy Dress Needs

As flares and large collared shirts were hung up in wardrobes, psychedelic colours turned neon, and long hair was chopped into mullets, the ‘80s found a new fashion. At Disguises, we’ve captured the classic looks from the decades, with heaps of 1980s costumes available. Whether you’re heading to an ‘80s fancy dress party or need an ‘80s movie costume, you can create the perfect outfit online with Disguises. Or if you’d rather try on an outfit in person, you can visit our Brisbane costume shop.

‘80s Costume Ideas

For any ‘80s costume party you may have coming up, deciding what or who to go as is a huge decision. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for ‘80s costumes – to help you embrace the ‘80s. From re-enacting old movies to becoming your favourite eccentric rock star, you can find an ‘80s costume you’ll love.

‘80s Movie Costumes

The 1980s was a great time for Hollywood – with the Empire striking back, archaeologists raiding lost arks and two hotshot fighter pilots learning to respect each other. If you have a costume party coming up and have an ‘80s movie character in mind, we have costumes from many of the classics. Some of our popular ‘80s movie costumes include:
  • Star Wars: Join the dark side as a sith lord or Stormtrooper, or rebel against the Empire as the handsome Han Solo or courageous Princess Leia.
  • Ghostbusters: Get into your jumpsuit and save your city from bloated ghosts – be the person people can call.
  • Top Gun: With flight suits, bomber jackets and aviators, both men and women can rock the too-cool-for-flight-school fighter pilot look.
  • Miami Vice: Want a 1980s costume that’s a little fancier? Then suit up for Miami Beach.
  • Dirty Dancing: Dress up in an ‘80s dancing costume (neon or more low-key) and Swayze those hips on the dance floor.
At Disguises, our range of ‘80s costumes has many different styles you can play around with to create your ultimate 1980s pop culture costume.

‘80s Music Costumes

Behind the ‘80s music scene was rebellion, and their costumes matched the attitude. Armed with lethal mullets, fingerless gloves and glossy leather jackets, rock stars were bold. And with Disguises, you can find your own distinctive and bold look with our ‘80s music costumes. Rock a black jacket or paint the world fluro with bright tights.
  • Madonna: Testing the borders of on-air promiscuity, Madonna had donned a lot of outfits. Choose your favourite pop-punk look and rock it.
  • Michael Jackson: With a white glove and wavy black hair wig, you can be bad and not stop ‘til you get enough.
  • Prince: Why not dazzle everyone at your ‘80s costume party by taking on the persona of Prince?
  • Kylie Minogue: Represent one the best of Australian singers with a Kylie Minogue outfit (grungy or shiny).

‘80s Costume Accessories

Can an artist really rock out without a mullet? It’s a tough question. Play it safe by making sure your ‘80s singer costume has the appropriate glorious wig. At Disguises, we have a huge range of mullets and other styled wigs to complete your outfit and transform you into a different character from the ‘80s. At Disguises, you can buy or hire ‘80s costumes to fit your party budget. From full outfits to leg warmers and Freddy Krueger masks, our range of ‘80s fancy dress outfits and accessories has you covered. Shop the range online or visit our Brisbane costume shop today.
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