1920's Costumes Gatsby Fancy Dress

Rebel against the prohibition and Charleston your way through the night with 1920s costumes from Disguises. We have a huge range of 1920s dresses, gangster outfits and Great Gatsby costumes to take you back a whole century. Whether you’re looking to hire your 1920s costumes or add it to your wardrobe, we have everything you need to look the part at Disguises.1920's Costumes Gatsby Fancy Dress
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Great Gatsby Costumes from the 1920s

The 1920s was a decade full of crime, repression and rip-roaring liberation – they didn’t call it the Roaring Twenties for nothing. There were hard-boiled gangsters like Al Capone, remarkable Hollywood actors and actresses, and jazz singers that sang to the soul. Then there was the famous character who defined the generation: the Great Gatsby.

If you’ve been invited to a 1920s costume party (like the ones Gatsby himself hosted) then it’s time to dress up like a popular socialite. You can become any character you want from the 1920s with our extensive range of 1920s costumes and accessories.

Extravagant Ladies

Glitz and glamour was born in the ‘20s. To get you into the incredible styles of days past, Disguises has dresses, accessories, styled wigs and complete outfits available to buy or hire for the night. Some 1920s costume ideas for ladies include:

  • Flapper-look dress and wig
  • Screen siren dress and cigarette holder
  • Gangster outfit with a Tommy gun
  • Burlesque outfit with a feather boa

Whoever you decide to be on the night, you can create your character from scratch and build up the look with fun accessories.

Dapper Gentleman
  • Mob boss or henchman
  • Hollywood star
  • Noir detective
  • Old-school pilot
Famous Couples

If you’re heading to a party with a partner or group of friends, why not go as a well-known couple? Find a slick suit and vibrant flapper dress and become the famous author couple Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Or travel to West Egg and don your Great Gatsby costume and glamorous party dress.

Otherwise, why not make your own story? Become a bank robber duo or start your own mob.

1920s Costume Fashion

Fashion exploded in the 1920s, as societies swayed away from the conservative look from the Victorian era. 1920s dresses became shapeless, sleeveless and short. For the men, their restrictive Victorian tailcoats were replaced with stylish suits – which were often pinstriped and sometimes brightly coloured.

1920s Costume Accessories

Accessories ruled the day in the ‘20s. That’s why your 1920s costume accessories will become the distinctive parts to your outfit. Men wore all types of hats and smoked big pipes and cigars, while women adorned themselves with headdresses, long and short gloves, and sophisticated jewellery. You can find these popular 1920s costume accessories at Disguises:
  • Pipes and fake cigarettes
  • Cigarette holders
  • Homburg hats
  • Walking canes
  • Flashy neckties
  • Two-tone gangster shoes
  • Headbands
  • Beaded jewellery
And to completely transform your look, we have plenty of styled wigs available at Disguises. The classic bob-style wig complements 1920s dresses and helps you achieve that famous flapper look. If you have a 1920s costume party coming up, it’s the perfect time to embrace the mystical decade. Whether you choose to take on the charm of a gentleman, the allure of a femme-fatale, or the free spirit of a notorious gangster, you can put together your outfit with Disguises.
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