1920's Costumes & Fancy Dress Accessories

1920's Costumes & Fancy Dress Accessories

Charleston your way through the night as a Flapper like Zelda Fitzgerald, a bootlegging Gangster like Al Capone or Bonnie and Cylde or a mysterious gentleman like Gatsby. Over flappers and gangsters? Come into the store and we can put together 1920s Golfers, Bathers, Aviators and Screen Sirens for you!

*Hire only available in Brisbane.

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Roaring 20's Costumes Ideas

Need the perfect costume for your upcoming 1920s themed party? Disguises has a huge selection of 1920s costumes available to buy or hire online. Whether you choose a classic 1920s flapper costume, or perhaps channel your inner Al Capone with a 1920s gangster costume, Disguises has all the costumes and accessories you’ll need to embrace the roaring 1920s. In short, the 1920s were a revolutionary period for fashion that moved dress sense, opinion, and morals away from the stiffness and conservatism of the Victorian era. The 1920s were all about getting loose and having fun. Ladies started wearing shapeless, sleeveless, long or short gowns that were complimented by a plethora of glamorous accessories such as feather fans and headdresses, diamond tiaras, long pearl necklaces and gold bangles on their arms. The men of the 1920s replaced their restrictive Victorian tailcoats with stylish suits that were often pinstriped and brightly colored. Accessories still ruled the day though, even in 1920s men's fashion, and so homburg hats, flashy neckties, and walking sticks were all commonplace. As you can see already, if you're going to a 1920s fancy dress party then there are lots of themes you can choose from because the 1920s were a vibrant and colorful time filled with interesting characters like the Al Capone-style gangsters or the Charlie Chaplin-style silent movie stars. Some fancy dress ideas for the ladies might include dressing up as a flapper girl, a lady gangster or why not be completely unpredictable and choose to go in colorful 1920s style swimwear - that's sure to get them all talking! If getting completely glammed-up is more your thing though then the 1920s with it's ritzy cabarets and progressive jazz was packed to overflowing with glamorous ladies fashions or for the more conservative look you could opt for the stylish and sophisticated look of Downton Abbey. Whether you’re looking to hire your 1920s fancy dress costume or buy it so you can keep it forever, at Disguises we have everything you need to look the part. For the ladies, just some of the choices you have include our Jessica Rabbit costume, which will make you look like a million dollars or how about one of our many Gatsby or Charleston style Flapper girl dresses which you could compliment with our huge range of accessories. We also have a great selection of glitzy headdresses, long and short gloves, pearl necklaces, false eyelashes, and feather boas to compliment your 1920s fancy dress outfit. We also have some great choices for the guys too. Whether you decide to be a pimp, a gangster or a detective for the night, we’ve got you covered and to make your outfit completely authentic you could compliment it with any of our 1920s Men's accessory range which includes hats, fake mustaches, pipes and Tommy guns.
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