ClickCease Turquoise Coloured Contact Lenses Trueblends
Coloured Contact Lenses Turquoise
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Turquoise Coloured Contact Lenses Trueblends

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Turquoise Contact Lenses for 30 day use includes 1 pair. Comfort Coloured Contacts with striking colours.

  • Lens design for Dark and Light eyes, see pictures darker your eyes darker the look

> 2 Lenses per box

> Replacement: 30 Days

> Buy Cleaning Solution Here

Material Hydrogel Terpolymer
Size B.C: 8.6mm, DIA: 14.2mm
Water Content 55%
Centre Thickness (@ -3.00DS) 0.06mm
Oxygen Permeability 32 (Dk/t)
Tint Sandwiched colour method
Power Plano (non-prescription)
Packaging 2 lenses per box
Replacement 30 days