ClickCease Scar Face Liquid Latex Halloween Zombie Makeup

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Scar Face Liquid Latex Halloween Zombie Makeup

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$12.00 AUD

Clean the body area you will be applying the latex to. Be sure the area is completely dry before applying the latex. Apply a thin layer of latex in the shape of your scar. Be sure to hold the skin tight until the latex is dry. Once dry release, there will be a slight wrinkle in the latex.

You are now ready to move to the next step to build up your scar. Place a small piece of tissue over the latex and paint over it. Allow the paint to dry and then follow the same steps over and over until you achieve your desired effect. Be sure to allow the latex to dry in between steps. You may use a hair dryer to help speed up this process. Your edges won't be perfect, and they do not have to be as you can simply paint over it to blend it into your skin.

Once the paint is dry and you have achieved your desired effect, use foundation to blend the scar in with your skin tone. You are now able to add a touch of red or pink to give the scar the appearance of a fresh scar or leave it as it is for an old scar look.


Lift the corner of the that is painted on and peel off. Wash area with warm water and our Body Clean solution.

29.5 ml