ClickCease Cosmetic Glue Acrylbond Adhesive And Remover

Tinsley Transfers

Cosmetic Glue Acrylbond Adhesive And Remover

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$19.99 AUD

Introducing Acrylbond FX, the innovative water-based adhesive by Tinsley Transfers. Say goodbye to traditional Halloween adhesive woes with this groundbreaking product designed to revolutionize your makeup routine.

Why Acrylbond?

Unlike conventional adhesives, Acrylbond FX offers a safer, more skin-friendly alternative. Free from harsh solvents like alcohol and acetone, it provides superior adhesion without compromising on comfort. No more worries about subjecting your skin to harsh chemicals – Acrylbond FX is gentle yet incredibly strong.

Experience the ease of application and remarkable strength of Acrylbond FX. Compatible with latex, foam latex appliances, and even silicone, it simplifies the process of attaching prosthetics, ensuring flawless results every time. Upgrade your makeup kit with Acrylbond FX and discover a new standard in adhesive performance.

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