Coloured Hair Spray

Fancy dress, Sports Events & more. Temporary Zo Colour Hair Spray creates instant highlights and striking colours. Use all-over for a big, bold effect or add bright streaks with intense blasts of colour. 


Our Range of Coloured Hair Spray

Zo Washes Out! Zo Hair colour is non permanent and will, in most cases, wash out using normal shampoo and conditioner. Always test hair first. Removing hair colour from blonde, bleached, permed, very porous or children's hair may take several washes. Test First: Spray small section of hair, wait 15 minutes and wash out. If colour remains, your hair may not be suited to coloured hair spray. Highlights and Low Lights: Use dark and light colours to create contrast. Intense Colour: Separate a small section of hair. Hold it away from other hair and spray. Repeat to create a streaking effect all over. Softer Colour: Spray and then brush colour through hair. This reduces colour intensity and can create softer tones. Repeat for stronger, all-over colour.
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