Kick up your heels for the the 20's... again!!

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What does giggle water, the Charleston and cats wearing pyjamas have in common?!! Just your 2020 plans, of course! 

With the turn of the decade, we can actually turn back the years to the elegance and glory of the 1920's. A time where the comment "old sport", and "you bet your bottom dollar it'll be the bee's knees" is the norm! Picture Champagne towers, glitzy decor and you and your friends breaking into the Charleston on the dance floor.

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Here's looking at you, Doll!

Before we get into the clothing of the ear, lets have a history lesson and learn the importance of the style, shall we?! The 1920's signified an important change for women who were first allowed to vote in 1920.

This sparked a rippled effect and carried into clothing and how Women chose to present themselves. Ladies chose to reject the conformity of corsets and the layered structure of the Victorian era. Women rebelled against expectations and chose to wear flowy dresses that sat above the ankle *gasp!* with a dropped waist to emphasise the desired "rectangular" or "boyish" shape.
Hair was also cut short to further the rebellion and most ladies styled into a finger wave or kept straight as a sleek bob.

Young women of the 20's or "flappers" were seen as brash due to their desire to listen to Jazz music, wear heavy makeup and visit speakeasy's where they would drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and dance the Charleston. Scandalous! The women of the 1920's certainly paved the way for many things we consider normal a century later. 

During the day women wore bell shaped cloche hats and at night wore jeweled headdresses and combs. Flappers also wore long, opera length gloves and varying length of beaded necklaces around their neck - sometimes layered and often tied in a knot at the chest. Finally wrap a feather boa or shawl around your shoulders and you're all set you kick up your heels!

Gangsters and Gentleman

Similarly to the previous decade, men kept a formal look with their clothing in the 20's. No matter the event, men. wore. suits. During the early 20's three-piece tweed suits with boater hats were popular, the double breasted suit style was introduced in the mid 20's and oversized Zoot Suits worn by musicians in the late 20's. 

Gangsters of the 1920's controlled the illegal distribution of alcohol during the Prohibition era. They were powerful men and needed a look that made them instantly recognisable. Similar to the squareness of the flapper shape, the Gangsters suit style was a boxy, wide fitting darker coloured pinstripe suit with a fedora hat and contrasting tie. They always had a cigar in hand and would also have a flask of bootleg whiskey.  

In the later years of the decade, lighter coloured suits such as pastel pinks and blue-grey and even lilac became popular for daytime wear. Summer suiting also called for white or ivory suits during the day with men changing into tuxedos with bow ties and top hats accompanied by a cane for a fancy evening event. 


Zoot Suit Riot! We know the song but did you know Zoot Suits weren't actually a mainstream trend until the late 30's. Up until this point they were solely worn as flashy onstage costumes by Jazz musicians. 

A pot isn't complete without a lid!!

Top it off with a hat! All men wore hats in the 1920's no matter their class or the  occasion, there was a hat for it! Fedora hats are the most iconic of the decade thanks to gangsters, however, bowler hats, top hats, peaked newsboy felt hats (yes, the style we know from Peaky Blinders) and boater hats were all popular for gentleman.




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