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Book Week Costumes for 12 Year Olds

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Book Week Costumes for 12 Year Olds

Seeing so many ideas for Book Week costumes for 12 year olds this year has me reminiscing.

Years ago – and I mean years – a small pirate named Pierre moored his pretend boat on the shores of his school. He wasn’t a captain, he didn’t have a real sword, and he wasn’t even there for gold.

As he walked toward his class, he was approached by an astronaut who had just landed her spacecraft on the school’s landing pad. She was holding treasure she’d just won from an unlucky Martian – some Dunk-a-Roos. The two adventurers didn’t say anything to each other, they only smiled and kept walking to class.

Soon the group was filled with kids who’d arrived in fighter jets, royal carriages, noble steeds, hot air balloons, and even DeLorians. When they got to class, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz himself greeted them. It had felt as though the pages of books had erupted into the real world, filling it with characters, vehicles, kingdoms and new adventures.

That was Book Week for me when I was in year 7, 12 years old (I know – calling myself Pierre the Pirate wasn’t very intimidating). I find it funny that I remember something so outlandish so clearly. But that’s what makes it so exciting this year helping my kids with their Book Week costumes.

The theme this year is find your treasure – and no matter what my kids find on the day, I know when they have their own family in the future, this memory will be worth far more than chests full of gold.

Find Your Treasure Book Week Costumes

Now, where to start…

I’ve spent far too long looking at costumes, specifically Book Week costumes for 12 year olds. But it’s been fun talking to my kids about it and getting to know their favourite characters (does Batman count for find your treasure?).

From everything I’ve seen, here are a few Book Week costume ideas, with help from Disguises, that you and your kids might be able to take some inspiration from.

12 Year Old Girl Book Week Costume Ideas

Dorothy from Oz

Girls Book Week Costume - Dorothy from Oz

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Transport your child out of Kansas and into Oz with a Dorothy costume. With a cute blue dress complemented by red bows and ribbons, this is a fun outfit for girls who have a magic twinkle in their eye and see the best in the world.

Pirate Captain

Girls Book Week Costume - Pirate Costume

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Pirates come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, it’s well known that Blackbeard was a 12-year-old girl*. Let your daughter captain a ship and sail the seas with a pirate costume. And if they want to put their own spin on it, mixing in a punky tutu or hair braids gives some individual character, too.


*I’m just twisting your arrrm.

Powerful Matilda

Girls Book Week Costume - Matilda Costume

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It seems fitting to celebrate Book Week by becoming Roald Dahl’s book-adoring character: Matilda. If your daughter loves to read or even just has a cheeky smile, a Matilda costume cannot be missed. Just hope there’s no Miss Trunchbull at school.

See our full range of book week costumes for girls here

12 Year Old Boy Book Week Costume Ideas

Fantastic Mr Fox

Boys Book Week Costume - Fantastic Mr Fox

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Send your son on a roundabout adventure at school with a Fantastic Mr Fox costume. With the iconic crimson tailcoat, cravat, fox mask and tail, kids can become the charming, scampering character loved by Roald Dahl fans.


Boys Book Week Costume - The BFG

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A boy wearing the right Book Week costume can grow ten metres tall and tower over his classmates. A Big Friendly Giant costume lets your kid be the kind person they are, with the confidence of a colossal giant. 

Charlie Bucket

From golden tickets to rivers of chocolate, you can certainly find your treasure at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Boys can bring the sugar dream alive as the bewildering Willy Wonka or experience the excitement of the world as Charlie Bucket.

See our full range of book week costumes for boys here


No matter what costume you and your little one decide on, Disguises has a huge range of accessories and Book Week costumes for 12 year olds that are sure to make their week at school one to remember. Want more inspiration? Check out our easy book week costumes for 2018

Have fun!




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