Easy Book Week Costumes 2018

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We love this year’s Book Week theme: find your treasure. With so many adventurers in stories across different eras, there are so many rich characters you can become.

With Disguises, you can find easy Book Week costumes that let you become your favourite famous adventurer and bring their quest to life.

Easy Book Week Costumes for Teachers

Take your class on an exciting journey as a treasure-seeking teacher. The more of a character you take on, the more magical of an experience your students will have! And it’s a simple task with Disguises’ easy Book Week costumes for all types of teachers.

If you have already checked out my post on Book Week Costumes for 12 Year Olds, Below are a few more ideas to help get you on your way.

Find the Holy Grail

With hundreds of re-tellings in books, the Holy Grail is the ultimate treasure. Step into the medieval world and find the Holy Grail as a Crusader. Even if you don’t discover it, the journey you have with your class will be a memorable one.


If you treasure a kiss from one’s true love, then you can become Shrek or Princess Fiona from Shrek! Have fun being one of the dreadful ogres from the tale – and see if you can find a donkey sidekick roaming around.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Treasuring his land and family, Fantastic Mr Fox goes on an incredible journey to save his home. Led by Roald Dahl’s brilliant storytelling, becoming this foxy character is an easy book week costume everyone will love.

If you’d rather put your own easy Book Week costume together, check out our huge range of accessories that can help.

Easy Book Week Costumes for Boys

For any swashbuckling spirits, there are countless costume ideas for Book Week that are easy for boys. Whether you want to search the ocean for sunken gold, or find something a little sweeter, Disguises is here to help.

If you’re after some easy book week costumes for boys, check out our recommendations below.

Treasure Island

Whether you’re up to the challenge of being the pirate captain of your own ship, or prefer to be a pirate on your own adventure, we have dozens of easy Book Week costumes for boys that take you to new worlds.

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Open up the medieval world of Howard Pyle and find his infamous character Robin Hood. Then become your own version of the vigilante to create your own merry adventures at school with friends, and help those in need.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In Roald Dahl’s classic, Charlie Bucket wins the chance to visit a chocolate wonderland. Grab your golden ticket and a buddy, and discover a day filled with treasured sweets and wacky exploration.

Easy Book Week Costumes for Girls

Find your treasure as a valiant pirate captain or discover something worth more than gold. Whatever type of treasure you’re after, Disguises has an easy book week costume for all girls on any adventure.

We’ve listed a few of our favourite Book Week costume ideas for girls below.


Roald Dahl introduced the world to a friendly hero named Matilda, who was looking for a family to treasure. With Disguises, you can become this loveable character. This is a great Book Week costume that can easily bring friends and family together for a fun week.

The Book Thief

Books are something to treasure, which is something Liesel Meminger discovered in The Book Thief, set during WWII. You can bring this treasure to others with this costume from Disguises and share your love of stories!

Gold and Jewels

There are so many pirate girls in kids’ books that are so much fun to become. Set sail at school with a shiny sword in your hand and a pirate parrot on your shoulder. Then find the treasure from any other pirates in your class.

Speak with Disguises for More Ideas Today

At Disguises, we have hundreds of easy Book Week costumes for teachers, boys and girls! You can browse our Book Week costumes in store or online. If you want more inspiration, get in touch with us for ideas today.


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