Dress up for Disney's Aladdin - The Musical

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With the excitement of The Rocky Horror Show having just left Brisbane it's almost unbelievable that we are treated with another fantastic stage show so soon. At first we thought we had stumbled across a magic lamp and been granted 3 wishes but it's actually a reality, Yes, Disney's Aladdin - The Musical has been touring Australia and Brisbane is the next stop on their magic carpet. *screams*

It's always fun to get dressed up for theatre shows but even more fun to see the show than in costume! Stay One Jump Ahead of everyone and get your costumes sorted now. 

Everyone loves a Princess but even more so when shes as lovely of a role model as Princess Jasmine. This princess is compassionate, kind and stands up for herself and what she believes in. She's strong, independent and doesn't want life handed to her on a (literal) silver platter. 

For Princess Jasmine we have a gorgeous costume for women which includes a coin trimmed top with jewel detail, harem pants and matching jewel head piece. We all know that Disney set unrealistic hair expectations when they created their princesses. So to save heartache we also have her iconic wig so you don't have to stress about your hair not being as long, voluminous and gorgeous as Princess Jasmine's. 

We also have a sweet Princess Jasmine costume for girls. Costume includes satin pants with sequin trim, matching top and headpiece. 

Now the Street Rat's costume is quite simply a vest, harem pants and a fez hat. We have Aladdin's costume to hire however also have fez hats to sell separately - handy for those not daring enough to go bare chest to the theatre. 


While the image that is conjured when you think of Genie from Aladdin is a giant shirtless blue guy who spews one liners as voiced by Robin Williams. However the Genie in the stage production is a much more sassy and glitzy version of Genie. We won't make you wear blue paint - unless of course, you'd like to! For Genie dress up's you could wear a glitzy gold jacket paired with some harem pants for a perfect Friend Like Me look. 

We also have Monkey and Parrot costumes for Abu and Iago and also an Evil Enchantress gown for those wanting to be a gender-bent Jafar - Just add a staff and moustache.  





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