A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Inspired from Shakespeare's classic tale, (and typically dramatic love story) you can take to the woods and become the woodland creature your dreams have been made of!

Typical setting for this party is quite earthy and involving nature under the moonlight, so head outside and turn your backyard into your own fairy wonderland! Have fairy lights woven among hedges and dripping from trees, create centerpieces involving branches and leaves and scatter lots of cushions around to create quite an intimate setting. Be sure to have a cocktail menu to match - We recommend anything involving Absinthe, berries with mint and cucumber garnishes! Delish!!

Being that the story follows four Athenian lovers who find themselves immersed in an enchanted forest, your attire can be quite broad from flowing goddess gowns to sweet fairies and naughty nymphs. Top this look with some dramatic makeup with painted glitter eyes and a Lux mask and you'll be set to create some magic!

For an Athenian look representing characters Hermia or Helena, our gorgeous Golden Goddess or Grecian Queen dresses with a pair of Gold leg wraps and beautiful gold glitter lashes would definitely have you looking the part.
You could always do as they do in Hollywood and get away with more of a risque look for these characters with our Slave Leia costume. Yes, this costume is typically for a Star Wars look however the flow of the skirt paired with the gold aspect and the look of vines across the bust would make one sexy "Athenian in the woods" look.   

For male Athenian character's there is Theseus, Duke of Athens or Lysander and Demetrius (who are involved within a love quartet with Hermia & Helena). Outfits for these characters would consist of toga's and strappy sandals. Both of which are available to hire or buy as Disguises Costumes. 

For those wanting to portray Titania, the beautiful Queen of the Fairies, or one of her Fae friends we have the cheeky Rebel Tink Costume, Gorgeous Tinkerbell Woodland Costume, Sweet Tinkerbell Shimmer Costume, and Matronly Fairy Godmother's (for anyone not brave enough to dare to bare!). Don't forget to add the finishing touches of a coloured wiglashes and glitter body paint or gel to create whimsical designs over your arms and face like a true fairy.


You could also the dark take on a fairy look with a Sexy Vampire Queen or Diva Demonique outfit paired with a pair of black Angel wings, black fishnet thigh hi's and a Venetian Lux mask - Perfect for a fallen angel. 


Alternate woodland creature ideas for ladies would be the Poison Ivy Vixen costume. Although she is a super-villain in the DC world, she definitely would be welcomed at a Midsummer Night's Dream party as she is a lover of nature and desires for the world to be overrun by plants - just watch out for her lethal kiss! Another character suitable for the nature setting is Maleficent. Although she is a menace to humans in her own world, she once was a quirky fairy, beloved by her fellow woodland creatures. Poor Maleficent was driven to become evil when she was betrayed by her true love which certainly could be a character straight out of a Shakespeare play.


The Mystic Sorcerer costume would be a perfect outfit for portraying character Oberon, King of the Fairies. Oberon is a very strong character and known for his wickedness however becomes kind towards the end of the story. 
Jester to Oberon is Puck, a "shrewd and knavish sprite". For this character we have our fun Jester costume available to hire.
For a creature of the woods, we have our Men's Beast costume which consists of a horned, furry headpiece, a jacket and clawed gloves.


Also guys, if dressing up like a mythical creature isn't really your thing, just remember that this party is made famous by the Playboy Mansion, so you can always be like Hugh and dress in his signature Smokers Jacket paired with a pipe and captains hat. Surround yourself with gorgeous women for those wanting the authentic Hef look. 





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