Halloween Party & Costume Ideas

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If you're struggling to come up with an idea for your Halloween costume this year, here are some Halloween costume concepts to get you started: 

Grim Fairy Tales  If you haven't read any of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales recently, you may be surprised to rediscover how gruesome and scary these children's stories were. Remember the cannibalistic witch from Hansel & Gretel who meets her demise by burning to death in her own oven? How about The Girl Without Hands, who has her hands chopped off by her father after he makes a pact with the devil? These grisly and macabre stories are perfect inspiration for morbidly fun Halloween costumes. Disguises has an extensive range of Fairy Tale costumes and all the fake blood and wounds you could possibly want turn your sweet Fairy Tale character into something repugnant and horrifying. There are hundreds of Fairy Tales to choose from:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grimms%27_Fairy_Tales

Zombie Apocalypse Live it up at Halloween as one of the living dead. Liquid latex, fake blood, body paint, rigid collodion, coloured contact lenses, fake limbs, rotting teeth - use some or all of these zombie products to artificially disfigure yourself into a zombie. Add any costume from our massive range and you become: Zombie Elvis, Zombie Marilyn, Zombie Batman, Zombie Austin Powers...and the zombie apocalypse is upon us.

Carnie Freak Show For some amongst us, all you need is a clown costume and the horror is complete. For others, run away and join the circus sideshow this Halloween by becoming: the bearded lady (just add fake beard), a knife thrower (we sell knives and machetes that ooze fake blood), become an escape artist by freeing yourself from (fake) handcuffs and (fake) ball and chains, turn yourself into elasto-face man using fake skin (liquid latex). At Disguises we can help you with all these products and other side show freak accessories.

Mystical Creatures Unicorns, unicorns and unicorns, they may not be scary but these mystical creatures of legends are popular costumes at Halloween. At Disguises we have unicorn headbands, unicorn wigs with horns, unicorn tails, unicorn corsets (yep), unicorn onesies. You wanna be a unicorn at Halloween? Disguises has you covered. And if you don't fancy being Unicorn: Symbol of Purity and Grace you could always be unicorn on the rampage, unicorn with rabies, zombie unicorn, unicorn: armed and dangerous (we sell tommy guns, cap guns, bow and arrows, knives, machetes, swords - all completely fake of course).

Day of the Dead  The Mexican celebration Dia de Muertos coincides with Halloween so dressing up in Mexican themed costumes is both appropriate and fun at Halloween. At Disguises we have Day of the Dead costumes and sugar skull masks specifically for Dia de Muertos, as well as all the regular Mexican costumes like: ponchos, sombreros, taco costumes, pinata costumes, mariachi costumes, see more here http://www.disguises.com.au/collections/mexican-cinco-de-mayo









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