May the Fourth Be With you!

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Movies have a way of taking us beyond our Earthly existence to another world. For fans of the movie franchise Star Wars, this world is one of a far away galaxy with strange creatures fighting against an evil empire. In the movie we find ourselves drawn into the battle and rooting for the underdog.

Star Wars entered theaters in May 1977 as a rather small budget film. It would go on to break the bank. Although it was first to be released, the director George Lucas places Star Wars as the fourth installment in the story, a story which nearly forty years later we are still waiting to see completed.

May Fourth is known as Star Wars Day, a non-official holiday created to celebrate the enormous influence that the Star Wars movie franchise has had on world culture. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher burnt the day into the brains of Star Wars fans when a congratulatory note read "May the Fourth be with you, Maggie," after she secured the position of Prime Minister in England. This was back on May 4, 1979. The phrase stuck, and decades later Canada sealed the date by holding a film festival and celebration of the film on May 4 2011.

We have a huge selection of Star Wars costumes for Star Wars Day, the widest on the continent. You can buy online or rent in the Brisbane area. From classic characters like the feisty but beautiful Princess Leia and the "space-smart" bounty hunter Han Solo and the small but wise Yoda to characters from the newer series like Jyn Erso and the popular Rey, we have something for everyone. By far the most popular costumes for May the 4th are the opulent and ultimate dress up costume, Darth Vader followed closely by the lovable Chewbacca - Be sure to book in early to secure these costumes to hire. 

Speaking of Chewbacca, as we constantly have people falling in love with our sweet and hairy Chewy costume, we have stocked ONE Chewbacca Supreme Edition costume available for one lucky Star Wars fan to purchase! Just like our hire costume, this costume is fur covered silken haired bodysuit, large fur covered latex mask, latex hands, fur covered shoe covers and latex Chewie man bag, or more precisely, latex bandolier with functional pouch.
Of course this is the perfect costume to wear to Star Wars movie premiers or Supanova or Comic Con, but it's also perfect for everyday wear, like dropping the kids at school, picking up some milk on the way home... OK maybe not, but you will want to wear it all the time. Don't delay or you will miss out. 

For the children we also have a range of Star Wars Costumes available to purchase including little Chewbacca and Yoda in toddler sizes as well as children sized Princess Leia, Yoda, Darth Vader, Jyn Erso, Rey, Stormtrooper & Death Trooper costumes and Jedi Robes.

Ok, now you've dressed dad, mum and the kids.... But what about the pets?! Never fear we have some adorable costumes so your beloved pooch or cute kitty doesn't miss out on the fun! In our Star Wars Pet collection we have Darth Vader, Princess LeiaYoda and R2-D2 costumes available. 


What would Star Wars Day be without accessories to go along with your chosen look? After all, Star Wars Day is all about leaving our world behind for the Star Wars universe. We have the famed Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker light sabers so you can choose the side you wish to join. Will you join the light or do you choose to allow the dark side to take control? The choice is yours. Just choose before May 4th.


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