Halloween Costumes Brisbane & Australia

Halloween Costumes Brisbane & Australia

Embrace the scary spirit of Halloween with impressive Halloween costumes this year. Whether you’re drawn to the spellbinding nature of witches and wizards, or want to make a visual impact with zombie gore, we have everything you need at Disguises.

Our Halloween costume shop stocks a great range of outfits and Halloween accessories. That means you’ll find a costume for Halloween, no matter what your budget is! 

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The Complete Halloween Costume Shop

At Disguises, we stock all types of quality outfits that help bring Halloween to life (or death, if you’re a skeleton). You can visit our Halloween costume shop in Brisbane, or shop online for delivery Australia wide.

There are plenty of genres of spook that you can go for. These include:

Or, if you’d rather take on a scary personality, we have a great range of character costumes that let you transform into someone else. Ever wanted to be the introverted Edward Scissorhands or scare your friends as the infamous Freddy Krueger? Our Halloween costumes can help.

Halloween Costumes from Creepy Movies

So much inspiration for Halloween costumes can be drawn from good horror and supernatural movies. At Disguises, we have Halloween costumes from dozens of creepy movies that’ll work perfectly for your event.

Some of our favourite Halloween costume ideas include:

With our movie costumes on offer in our physical and online Halloween costume shop, you can become scary characters from screens to make real screams.

Womens Halloween Costumes

Folklore and legends are full of freaky female characters you can become. Whether you want to be an alluring witch, a nun, or a haunting bride, the women Halloween costumes are endless with Disguises.

If you don’t want to go with a full costume, you can still look the part with one of our full-head zombie masks or go for something subtle, like our snake eye contact lenses.

Mens Halloween Costumes

Ever thought you could pull off being Uncle Fester from The Addams Family? Or, are you willing to put on the Scream mask? With Disguises, you can create a dramatic Halloween costume masterpiece, or get a simple and cheap outfit together with Halloween accessories.

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

You don’t have to base your Halloween costume off movies or old stories. You can create whatever you want! We’ve put together a few unique Halloween costume ideas.

  • Be a bikie who rides the roads hunting vampires.
  • Rise from the dead – not as a zombie, but as a disco zombie.
  • Combine a fairy-tale character with some gruesome wound accessories.
  • Roam the streets as Greek ghost. (Hint: a toga will be useful for both parts).

Taking on one personality is fun, but two can be far more interesting. Try coming up with your own Halloween costume ideas, too!

Halloween Accessories

Want to perfect your outfit? You can take on a whole new character for Halloween with the range of costumes at Disguises, then complement the look with the right Halloween accessories.

If you want to put together the best costume at the party, Halloween accessories can make your outfit look incredible. And sometimes they’re a must. After all, you can’t be a vampire without fangs. And you can’t be a cool vampire without a cape.

Some of our most popular Halloween accessories include:

  • Halloween masks
  • Halloween wigs
  • Halloween fangs
  • Halloween contact lenses
  • Halloween blood and wounds
  • Halloween decorations in store, or here at our online Halloween costume shop.

    Halloween accessories are also a great option for when you’d rather not wear a full Halloween costume.

    A Bit of Halloween History

    Ancient Frights

    Halloween goes right back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-win). The festival took place on the 31st of October to celebrate the harvest season – you could say they reaped what they were sow-win.

    On this night, the Gaels believed the boundaries between the world of the living and the world of the dead overlapped. This brought the dead back to life on Earth, bringing with them the chaos and blight of death.

    The word ‘Halloween’ comes from All Hallow’s Eve. This is the day before All Hallow’s Day (or All Saint’s Day).


    Why do we give candy and chocolate? The reason dates back to ancient festivals and beliefs, too. Treats and gifts were left out by citizens to pacify the resurrected spirits that walked their streets. It was also believed this may ensure another year of bountiful crops.

    There may not be evil spirits today at trick-or-treating time, but some little ghouls in Halloween costumes may still play bad tricks – if you’ve run out of candy.

    Halloween in Australia

    In Australia today, Halloween is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses host parties for their employees, groups of friends get together to celebrate, while children trick-or-treat their local neighbourhood.

    Even houses get dressed up. Fake cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns and creepy witch decorations always make an appearance.

    Delivery Australia Wide

    If you’re after Halloween costumes in Brisbane, or anywhere across Australia, Disguises will deliver straight to you. And if your order is placed before 3pm (Brisbane time), we will ship the item on the same day to be Express Post delivered. That means you can quickly put your Halloween costume together for a last-minute party. Halloween is your night. So, choose a costume that suits you, with Disguises. Visit our Halloween costume shop in Brisbane or order online in Australia today.

    Overnight delivery to Brisbane, most other capital cities, and Perth CBD is guaranteed.
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