You Can’t Ziggy Zaggy without some Oktoberfest Costumes

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Ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy, oi, oi oi! If you have no idea what we’re talking about, chances are you’ve never experienced the excitement of Oktoberfest. "Ziggy Zaggy" is part of the drunken cheer everyone sings as they dance around drinking delicious brew and eating schnitzel. True story. That’s what Oktoberfest is all about.

It sounds like an amazing time, right? There’s really nothing else out there like Oktoberfest and it only gets better when you’re authentic to the festivities. That means booze, beer, ziggy and zaggy and of course, Oktoberfest costumes! So whether you’re a Hanz or Gretel, here is everything you need to pull off an epic Oktoberfest costume and more importantly, a wild night of festivities.


Everyone Needs a Bavarian Hat

If you’re a little uneasy about dressing fully in Oktoberfest gear, but don’t want to be plain Joe (or Jane), then all you need is a Bavarian hat. Plenty of people go Oktoberfesting and just rock this feather-perched headgear. It’s an affordable option if you don’t want to get decked out head-to-toe in an Oktoberfest costume, but still want to look rad. Plus, you need something to wear, so if nothing else, you definitely need a Bavarian hat to ziggy zaggy in.



Sexy Beer Girl

For the ladies who like to wear sexy costumes, there’s no shortage of options for you at Disguises. Plus, if you got it, flaunt it, right? Sexy German Beer Girl Oktoberfest costumes aren’t too scandalous either, like some Halloween costumes are. They still have the authentic Oktoberfest appeal, but show a little more cleavage and/or leg. Consider the sexy German Beer Girl costumes your key to getting free beer and schnitzel all night long. Now that’s something to ziggy zaggy oi oi oi over.


Traditional German Girl Oktoberfest Costumes

Beer Girl Costume, Bavarian hat, Oktoberfest hat, Lederhosen

There’s always the option to go the traditional route for Oktoberfest costumes as well, and if there was any event that made skirts that go down to your knees sexy, this is it. A lot of women like wearing the traditional German Beer Girl Oktoberfest costumes because in a crowd of ladies wearing sexy beer girl costumes, you’ll stand out. So, free drinks for you all night as well. Plus, with all those brews and schnitzels, you won’t have to worry about “falling out” of this Oktoberfest costume.

You also have the option to rock a traditional Dirndl Oktoberfest costume. They’re similar to the beer girl costumes but are a little more elegant and refined.


Lederhosen for the Lads

Men dress up in Oktoberfest costumes too, and the Lederhosen are a must have. Oktoberfest is one of the only festivities where you get more praise the funnier you look – and with a quick look on Disguises, you’ll see that Oktoberfest costumes are funny! Everyone’s too drunk to care, and the lads in Lederhosen always seem to snag the beer girls before anyone else.


Oktoberfest Accessories Equal Perfection

Beer Girl Costume, Bavarian hat, Oktoberfest hat, Lederhosen

If you’re going to really take Oktoberfest by the pint, you need some Oktoberfest costume accessories. Ladies have it a little easier here, as they can toss their hair in some cute pigtails, throw on an Oktoberfest hat and grab some sexy stockings to wear with their Oktoberfest costume. Plus, October nights can get chilly so those sexy stockings could very well come in handy.

For the lads rocking lederhosen, you’re pretty much set as long as you have an Oktoberfest hat as well. Then again, this depends on the Oktoberfest costume you have. If you chose a style that doesn’t come with suspenders, you definitely need to get some. Otherwise, you’ll just look like a guy with a weird pair of shorts on. You can always grab a fake beer accessory to hold that has pockets for your I.D., money, cell phone and whatever else you don't want to lose while you get wild at Oktoberfest. 


Oktoberfest is a wild time. Everyone is happy, dancing around, filling their tummies with schnitzel… and possibly falling on their face after too many brews. But that’s what it’s all about! It’s the one time of the year where you can drink, eat and dance until you physically can’t move. So shop Disguises today, and explore the German roots with some Oktoberfest costumes because if you walk into a festivity with regular clothes on, you just won’t be as rad as everyone else.


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