Summer Splash Costume Party Theme's & Ideas!

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Who said you had to wait to be invited to a party?! While Mother Nature certainly has turned up the the heat, throw a cool party of your own and make this a Summer to remember!!

The easiest and most obvious party to gather your friends and family is by hosting a pool party - But why not give it a great theme?! Take a look at some great ideas below to take your party to the next level!

Hawaiian Luau

Create your own Tiki bar and feel right at home in Hawaii! You'll be able to relax and feel like you're on a holiday - without the dreaded 10 hour flight... Welcome your guests with a beautiful Lei and make them feel like they are on vacation with you. Ahhh, Bliss!! Eat some delicious fresh fruit (in a cocktail counts, right?) don your Coconut Bra and Grass Skirt for the ladies and cheesy Hawaiian shirt and moustache a-la Magnum, P.I. for the gents. Turn up the music and Hula the night away! If you're lucky, Elvis might even make an appearance to say "Aloha from Hawaii". 

Nautical Seaside Party

Land Ahoy! Man overboard! Your ship has crashed on the sandbanks of a new land. Time to take to the shore and discover your own little island oasis. Be the captain of your party and steer your guests towards a great night. Is that a mermaid in the distance? Send one of your trusty deckhand to go and investigate. Don't worry, if they get into strife one of the Baywatch babes can always come to the rescue with a little CPR.
Be careful that pirates don't get a message in a bottle about your party or they might decide to hijack it - Though they'd be a welcomed guest should they be the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow (Mmmm... Johnny Depp...).
Decor for your party can simply be a nautical colour scheme in the colours of Red, White & Blue. A scattering of shells and sand around the pool with some inflatable life rings and menu of some fresh seafood. Don't forget to "Slip a shrimp on the barbie" as we are still in Australia after all. 

Arabian Nights

For those not lucky enough to have a pool, never fear, you can use the hot weather to your advantage and throw a sizzling Arabian Nights themed party. Rub the Genie's lamp and fly Princess Jasmine away to a Whole New World on your magic flying carpet - Just like Aladdin. *Note: We sadly don't actually stock any flying carpets, however we guarantee if you drink enough, you can always lay down on your own carpet at home and certainly feel like you're flying!

Mexican Fiesta

Andale! While the heat is turned up you could also have a Mexican Fiesta party. Picture Ponchos, Sombrerosoversized moustaches and novelty sunglasses under the blazing sun while sipping on a Tequila Sunrise or Corona and eating some delicious food. Perfect recipe for a Siesta. Go one step further with your look and go for an all out Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) look for the gents and our caliente Senorita or Doll dress for the ladies. We also have a great range of sugar skull temporary tattoo's including the face tattoo for those looking for ease in obtaining the Sugar Skull look without the fuss of the intricate makeup. Don't forget to include a crowd favourite of the Piñata. After a couple of drink's this will make for some hilarious entertainment. Arriba!!

Frozen Party

Remember Winter?? Do you remember it?! Although it seems like a distant memory, or a mirage if you will, you could bring back the cool and throw a Frozen themed party! Not only will the kids love you for it (Surely they haven't forgotten the words to 'Let It Go') but it can be a great excuse to turn up the air-con and turn your home into a Nordic Fjord. Hire a snow cone machine, decorate your ice palace with draping blue and white fabric and in invite your friends - Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf


1950's Retro Pool Party 


Any excuse to wear an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini, drink milkshakes and share a banana split or two! A 1950's party idea would be to host a "dive-in movie" night out by the pool! Play some swell Fifties themed flicks like Grease, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Rebel Without a Cause or Edward Scissorhands which you can pair with classic diner food like Hotdogs, Burgers, French Fries and some homemade Lemonade.


1970's Roller Disco Party

For those whose memory is a little blurry (or for those who weren't yet born - Hello Generation Y), Roller Disco's were all the rage throughout the 1970's and early 80's. They called for Hotpants, Knee high tube socks, brightly coloured shirts and accessories - and did we mention HOTPANTS!? There are still plenty of Roller Rink's around so why not grab your friends and roll back to 1970!! Dance around to some classic disco tunes by the 'Bee Gees', 'KC and the Sunshine Band', 'Earth, Wind & Fire' & ABBA! 

Whatever theme you decide, we look forward to seeing you at Disguises to help you find the perfect outfit to keep you looking and feline as cool as these cool cats!!! 


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