(Un)Lucky Number 13!

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That (un)lucky time of the year is upon us again! Friday the 13th falls on two months in 2018. The first being in April to and the second in July before the lead up to Halloween.
Don't be left in the dark in trying to skip this day as Friday the 13th always brings out all those superstitions in people trying to avoid bad omens. 


Why not dress up as a Black Cat to give your friends a purr-fect fright?! We have a wide selection of catsuits, dresses and cat themed accessories to hire as well as purchase. Don't forget to pair your outfit with a pair of alluring cat contact lenses and dramatic winged eyeliner - MEOW!! 


Where would a Black Cat be without their faithful owner, or rather, servant - a Witch! It’s safe to say that almost every girl has been a witch for Halloween at least once in her lifetime. However, chances are that your idea of witch Halloween costumes is significantly different than what it was when you were a little one. Why not try something a little different like our sweet Bewitching Witch or Darling Spellcaster Witch, or for something a little darker, there's always our gorgeous Pagan Witch costume. Did you know: The number 13 for Pagans actually represents good luck and going with the flow? 13 is the number referred to as change which is a great symbol for the New Year! 


Of course, what kind of Friday the 13th party would it be without the big guy himself, Jason Vorhees? Bring Jason to life with just the right costume and hockey mask; scuff the mask with dirt and oil and cover it in blood and fake tissue. You'll have all your guests running for the cabins! Bloody blades are a must-have, as are tubes of fake blood and extra flesh for super realistic effects. As an added touch an open wound will give that "just-stabbed" look.


Trump your fears of 2018 with our range of realistic latex Donald Trump masks in an array of facial expressions. Within our Trump range we can also cater for those seeking an authentic Trump look by ensuring the mask has his perfect subtle spray tan hue of - Orange! Just add your own white shirt, black jacket and signature red tie and you're set to conquer the world - or party. 


Not feeling brave enough to go all out? Why not go for a subtle scare with our realistic True Blood vampire fangs or our range of crazy contact lenses. Another idea to add awesome final touches to gory costumes is with our 3D FX Transfers. These incredible products look freakishly realistic and simply apply with water - Too easy!! 


Have fun and remember: 




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