Don’t be a Bunny or Cop for Halloween This Year, Ladies

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Halloween costume, fancy dress

We’ve all been there before; you enter a house party or bar and there are at least 2 other people that have the same Halloween costume as you. The ladies have all decided to be a bunny, cop, cat, angel or cheerleader, and you also happened to choose one of those Halloween costumes as well. The struggle is real.


While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these sexy Halloween costumes (we even sell them), sometimes, you want to dare to be different. After all, it’s hard to stand out in a sexy cop costume in a crowd of other sexy cops costumes. So, we dedicate this post for the girls who truly want to stand out from the crowd this Halloween, while still keeping their sex appeal on point.


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Halloween costume, fancy dress

There’s no denying Suicide Squad characters are bound to be a popular choice for Halloween costumes this year, but we’re assuming most of them will be guys. So this year ladies, play the part of this hellraiser, and be sexy and scary at the same time. After all, isn’t that what Halloween is all about? As a bonus, Disguises has several different Harley Quinn outfits ready for you to spook up! 


Zombies Can Be Sexy

Halloween costume, fancy dress

Who said zombies aren’t sexy? Okay, so walking around as a dead person doesn’t necessarily scream sex appeal but the zombie Halloween costume you wear certainly can. You’ll love the Zombie nurse costume. It isn’t too promiscuous but the costume lines your silhouette to pure perfection. It’s a bit of sass, a little sexy and a whole lot of scary.



Witchy and Wild

Halloween costume, fancy dress

It’s safe to say that almost every girl has been a witch for Halloween at least once in her lifetime. However, chances are that your idea of witch Halloween costumes is significantly different than what it was when you were a little one. Spice up your witch aspirations with a sexy Halloween costume that actually serves the purpose of Halloween – which is, of course, to be scary.


Medusa Madness

Halloween costume, fancy dress

If you’re a big fan of Disney movies, you probably loved The Little Mermaid as a kid. However, you probably weren’t a fan of Medusa like the way you will be after checking out this awesome Halloween costume. Deck yourself out in a stunning teal fancy dress, throw a snake crown on your head like the Queen you are, and take over the night.


Cruella Deville

Halloween costume, fancy dress

If you’re an animal lover, the scariest Halloween costume is certainly the Cruella Deville one – and who doesn’t love puppies, or rather, 101 of them? This Halloween costume doesn’t look scary, but the character that you’re portraying is enough to give anyone a spook in the night. Just be sure to keep it away from your dog prior to Halloween because chances are, your pup isn’t going to be a fan of this one!


Halloween only comes around once a year, so you might as well do it right. Plus, what’s the fun in dressing in the same Halloween costume as everyone else? Dare to be different, ladies! These are only a few of the sexy yet scary Halloween costume ideas available on Disguises. So start shopping and give the crowd a spook wherever your night takes you.


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