Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

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Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Finding quality Halloween costume ideas for couples can be tricky. Finding a set that suits both of you and makes sense together can be more of a challenge than you’d expect. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to couples’ Halloween costume ideas.


Halloween Costume Ideas to Die For

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Peter Pan Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Be thankful that you’ll Neverland yourself a bad costume this Halloween. This iconic duo can bring a little magic to any party – whether it’s with family, friends, or utter strangers.

For the Peter of your pair, all it takes is this simple ensemble from the Disguises store. The hat, belt, shirt, pants and boot tops can turn anyone into the leader of the Lost Boys.

Whether your party-goers believe in fairies or not, there will be no stopping your Tinkerbell this Halloween. The earthly green dress, gold trim and matching wings are enough to make your night fly.

Together, making your appearance as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell will only come to $85.98, and you can even keep your Peter Pan costume!


The Hospital Morgue

Doctor and Nurse Zombie Halloween Costumes

It is Halloween after all. You finally have every right to go around trying to scare people.

This classic combination can capture most people’s worst nightmares. Medical experiments gone wrong, a psychopathic surgeon, and the undead.

The bloody doctor’s coat and nurse’s outfit can turn any couple into our worst fears. And for only $85.89, they can be yours.


A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re not spending Halloween solo, you’ll most likely want to be Solo. Dressed as Han and Leia, you can bring a little rebellion (and style) to your Halloween adventures.

The Leia outfit combines the slinky white dress, belt, wig and white gogo boots. The boots you’ll receive aren’t the platform boots shown in the photo (because they wouldn’t have been very practical escaping from the Empire).

But for the man who made the Kessel Run in only 12 parsecs, you’ll need a slightly different setup. The Han Solo costume features a long-sleeved cream shirt, a black vest, some blue pants with a red pattern, and black boot covers.

Bringing together the parents of Kylo Ren for one special Halloween will only cost you $88.98.


Between The Flags

Life Saving Costumes For Halloween

Someone has to make sure everyone stays safe this Halloween. So why not you two?

Without much effort (or cash), you can come ready to save lives, dressed as some of Baywatch’s finest. For the gents, the red shorts and jacket can give you the Hasselhoff edge. And for the ladies, the yellow and red combination can have you at the ready for whatever danger your Halloween serves up.

Both costumes together are $103.89, but for that price, you can keep them forever!

To complete the look, why not add a pair of rescue floats?



Dinosaur Costumes For Halloween

There's a time and a place for dinosaurs – and that time is now, and the place is wherever you’re going this Halloween.

With two handy inflatable dinosaur costumes, you can turn yourselves into a couple of horrifying and slightly awkward T-Rex. And before you (or anyone at the party) asks, T-Rex is the plural. Think of it like ‘fish’.

If you’re looking to bring a little extinction to life this Halloween, all you’ll need are the inflatable costumes on the Disguises website.


For more great costumes, check out the full range on the Disguises website.


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