Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!

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Do you smell that? It smells like the sizzle of a delicious barbecue by the beach under the scorching sun..

Yes, the time of year is upon us again to celebrate our beautiful country and remind ourselves why We Still Call Australia Home. There's no better way to spend the day other than with family and friends listening to some classic Aussie tunes, eating a Lamington or two and playing some cricket - But why not do it in style?!!

Show your patriotism for this Great Southern Land with our Morphsuits in the classic Australian Flag style or plain red or blue. Although this suit covers the face you are still able to see through the fabric and better still, they are designed so you can still sip on your stubbie while wearing it!! 

Celebrate your favourite Aussie Icon's and dress up like Angus Young from AC/DC in his school uniform attire and add an AC/DC Tour Tattoo Sleeve for extra effect. Bring out your inner Dame Edna Everage, Possums, by emulating her luscious "wisteria hue" hair and cat eye glasses, or as she calls it, her "face furniture". Dance the night away like Australia's sweetheart Kylie Minogue in some gold booty shorts and you too will be Spinning Around after a drink or two. Gold Booty shorts are also available in Men's sizes too for any bloke wanting to channel his inner Warwick Capper Meter Maid - Don't worry, we also have wigs and cowboy hats to match too! Speaking of cowboy hats, we also stock the iconic Crocodile Dundee hat complete with crocodile teeth - All you will need to add is a vest and a knife

"Give me a home among the Gumtrees, with lots of plum trees.
A Sheep or two and a Kangaroo
We shouldn't forget the cute and furry creatures that have made our country famous, and if you please you can dress up as one and invite them to your Australia Day Party! For the adults we have Koalas, Kangaroos, Bilbys and Sheep Mascot Costumes which are the 'fair dinkum' real deal encompassing a fur body suit and full face covering mask. Just don't try and get into a boxing match with Big Red because this one fights back!
Although Australia is known for its furry friends, we are equally known for an array of animals that really are terrifying! At Disguises we also have some creepy crawly costumes that we are sure would love to be at your party (Whether they are a welcomed guest or not). See our hilarious Mosquito, Cockroach and Spider costumes here.
Last but not least, the little ones can also join in on the fun in a Shark or Spider costume too which are hardly scary and are absolutely adorable! 

Australia Day party would be complete without alcohol and what better way to arrive to the party than in our Beer Man Costume?! Tell your friends you'll be bringing the beer and have your mate dress up in this Beer Pint outfit for an entrance that surely wont be forgotten no matter how much you drink!
For the ladies we have the perfect accessory for your outfit - an ice cold, Beer Stein Purse! The perfect thing for carrying around your Sunglasses, Phone and Zinc on a hot day.
For those not a fan of beer, we also have a Polar Bear Mascot costume for those wanting to dress up as their hero the Bundy Rum Bear! 


Want to pay homage to our English heritage? We have Union Jack dresses and stockings for the ladies and Union Jack "Budgie Smugglers" for the guys who dare to bare. If he's not wanting to be so revealing, we also have costumes, wigs and accessories for the perfect Captain Cook costume.

For someone who wanting some accessories to go with their Australia Day outfit, we also have quite a variety of accessories in Green, Gold, Red, White & Blue such as Capes, Tutu's, HosieryGlasses, Face paints to paint an Aussie flag on yourself. 

We also have a wide selection of fun coloured wigs as well as Mullets for those going for that bogan look - Pair it with a Tribal Sleeve Temporary Tattoo, singlet and shorts and you're set! 

Don't forget to "Slip, Slop, Slap" - Slip into an Aussie Flag Morphsuit, Slop on some brightly coloured facepaint and Slap on a Green and Gold Sombrero!! Just add a pair of thongs, an esky and you'll be looking True Blue as you watch the fireworks! You Beauty!! 



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