Halloween Costumes 2015

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Halloween is just around the corner; everyone is going on and on about the type of costumes they’d want to have; a zombie, a clown or kids all-time favorite, supernatural characters. We’ve created a list of our best Halloween costumes you’d surely want to try out for women, men, and even kids costumes.

Witches Coven Costumes

These costumes come in varieties for children and adults alike. Witches coven costumes are for anyone who’d love to have that sassy yet witchy. Women’s costumes include the elegant witch costume, green witch morphsuit costume, and the mischievous witch costume.

Similarly, young kids can dress in their favorite witch characters by trying the celestial sorceress costumes or the wicked witch of the west costume. Infants can also match the Halloween theme. There is a variety of costumes to adorn your little angel during Halloween.

Zombie Costumes

Zombie costumes are the biggest trend during Halloween so be sure to dress the part and stand out with a variety of zombie costumes for kids, women, and men. There’s the DIY zombie Frozen Elsa/Anna costume kit that lets your daughter give her frightening twist for Halloween.

Asylum Costumes

Asylum costumes are a crazy way to dress for Halloween. Create a great horror story character with the brainy mad scientist costume, circus psycho clown costume, and the evil surgeon morphsuit costume for men while women can try the blood drip nurse costume and the bedside nurse costume.

Ghosts and Grim Reapers

These costumes create a scary character you’ll surely stand out from a crowd. There are numerous ghost costumes to pick from including the scream zombie ghost costume for boys, men’s grim reaper costume and Lucinda hanging bride costume for women.

Twisted Fairytale Costumes

Create a twisted fairytale character by trying different costumes both for children and adults including mad hatter costume, Alice in Wonderland costume among other twisted fairy tale costumes for you and your kids.

Create Your Favorite Character

The best part about everything is the fact that you have the freedom to select from a variety of numerous Halloween costumes we have to create a character from your favorite movie.


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