5 Tips for Surviving Oktoberfest Australia

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5 Tips for Surviving Oktoberfest Australia

Oktoberfest in Australia is fast approaching, so it’s time to get ready. No one wants to get caught with their Lederhosen down.

To help you strap up and get the most out of the festivities, we’ve put together 5 solid tips. From how to plan to how to party, learn how you can best survive Oktoberfest in Australia here.


1. Make sure your Oktoberfest outfit fits in

Nothing’s more of a costume party downer than someone not dressing up. So leave your boardies and singlets at home and make sure you have your Oktoberfest costumes sorted – before it’s too late.

For the ladies, a dirndl dress is essential for a darn good night of drinking. Then you can spruce up your women’s Oktoberfest costumes with a pigtail wig, white socks and a flowery headband.

For all gentleman out there, you’ll need a men’s Oktoberfest costume that straps you in to a great night. By that, we mean you need Lederhosen. Once you’re locked into the appealing look, you can add some individuality with a hunter hat or fancy moustache.

These durable leather breeches will also come in handy when you’re unexpectedly called to help with some Alpine farm work.

Tip - These durable leather breeches will also come in handy when you’re unexpectedly called to help with some Alpine farm work.

Oktoberfest drinks

2. Know the history

Since 1810, Oktoberfest has occurred yearly to commemorate something very special to Germans… BEER. Well, that wasn’t the original sentiment. The first festivities were called by Crown Prince Ludwig when he married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen.

From celebrating true love to celebrating cool beer, the event has evolved into a worldwide festival involving millions of people. The Oktoberfest spirit has swept up countless cultures, like ours in Australia.

So when you hold up your spilling stein to cheers with your mates, remember that your clink is a sound shared in Germany, China, the U.S., Russia and many more countries. Now that’s something to cheers to.

Prost! That means “cheers” in German.


3. Sort your party plans early

What do you want to do for it? You could have more of a quiet one with friends at home. Or you could grow your moustache or braid your hair, don your favourite Bavarian hat and folk dance your way to an event. Thankfully there are heaps of Oktoberfest events in Australia.

A few notable ones include:

You’re sure to find an event near you. From small bars to big halls, do some research and find your ideal drinking space for your Oktoberfest in Australia.

4. Know what you’ll need

You’re probably not used to wearing a dirndl or lederhosen, so carrying your essentials can be a challenging task. That’s why it’s important to work out before you go what you’ll need and how you’re going to carry it.

Is your event cash-only? Where are you going to put your wads of money? Oh, and you’ll need a phone – so you don’t lose your friends when you run off to buy a pretzel. And that paper festival ticket – that’ll need a trusty space.

If your Oktoberfest clothing doesn’t have reliable pockets, you may need to take a bag or wear a hidden travel wallet. Preparing for how you’re going to carry your valuables will make sure you don’t lose them during a dance, or while you’re lining up for more of that sweet, sweet beer.

Oktoberfest Food


5. Drink, eat and dance the night away

Now that the boring tips are out of the way; this is a festival, so go beyond surviving it and have an incredible night!

Drink! (Responsibly, of course.) Whether it’s beer, cider or a non-alcoholic beverage, there are so many delicious options flowing through taps and ready in bottles.

Eat! Hmm, maybe “eat” isn’t the right word here. Gorge yourself on German cuisine. From Bratwursts to baked pretzels, enjoy the delicious tastes of German food.

Dance! A Schuhplattler (bless you) dance will raise your knees and get the heart pumping. It’s no wonder that Oktoberfest clothing gives you so much room to move. But if you’re not familiar with the leaps and kicks of this remarkable dance, having some energy on the dancefloor is more than enough.

With the festival just around the corner, make sure you’re ready for it with an Oktoberfest outfit and event plan. It’s also a good idea to make sure your friends are ready for it, too.

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