Zombie Walk Essentials Guide

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The Brisbane Zombie Walk is on soon on Sunday 5 October (Labour Day long weekend). For all the uninitiated undead, here's a quick check list of Zombie Walk essentials to get you ready to join the hordes on the offal trail.

Firstly you will need to buy a ticket as the Brisbane Zombie Walk is an event that helps to raise money for the Brain Foundation. Here's a link to the Zombie Walk's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BrisbaneZombieWalk

OK, that's the official stuff done, now to turn you Thinkers (non zombies) into meat bags.  You're gonna need blood, lots and lots of blood, fake blood that is, of course. Disguises sells fake blood ranging from 1 litre bottles to squirt, splash and douse, down to 30g jars of blood gel for that coagulated look.

Blood gel

Next essential is liquid latex. This is like a fake skin that you can use in many ways to create flaking, peeling skin, crunchy wounds or festering scabs. Use liquid latex in combination with fake blood and body paint to create your look of decay and putridness.

Latex Liquid Flesh

An excellent product that makes creating scars simple is rigid collodion. You simply brush on and watch your fresh healthy skin contract into an ugly red scar. Irresistable! (Relax breathers, it washes off easily.) 

Those few products will help prepare you to join the zombie apocalypse. For more things gruesome and ghoulish, check out our Zombie Walk page http://www.disguises.com.au/collections/zombie-walk



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