Oktoberfest 2014 Trends, Hairstyles & Acccessories

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At Disguises we are often asked what shoes or hairstyles or hosiery go well with Oktoberfest costumes. Here we'll give you some tips on the latest trends from the home of Oktoberfest in Munich Germany as well as little touches you can add to your Oktoberfest costume, be it a traditional look or a short and sexy look you're going for.

As mentioned in an earlier Oktoberfest 2014 blog, the hottest trend from Germany this Oktoberfest is ladies Lederhosen. Disguises has a range of traditional authentic suede Lederhosen for ladies as well as sassy hotpants style Lederhosen.

As with all Oktoberfest costumes short and sassy, be they Lederhosen or the sexy beer wench dresses, the must have accessory is over the knee stay-ups with sweet bows to match the colours of your costumes. If your mini Dirndl has black bows or pink trimming like this Miss Oktoberfest costume sold at Disguises, then choose white stay-ups with black bows or pink bows. You can then add matching ribbons to your hair. The other essential accessory to complete such a look is a tulle or lace petticoat for underneath. Petticoats will help the skirt of your mini Dirndl sit just right as well as add a sexy touch when you're in the Beer Tent dancing up a storm to the Chicken Dance.

Almost anything goes with shoes. Heels certainly add to the sassiness of such a costume, but you will be just as appropriately dressed with pumps (peep toes or not) as with Docs.

In keeping with the current ethno-retro trend popular at Munich's Oktoberfest, traditional style Dirndl have made a big come back amongst the fashion savvy on the Wiesn (Oktoberfest fair grounds). For a number of years now Disguises has offered a range of traditional Dirndl. This year we have an adorable range of Dirndl ranging from size 6 to 18. All the Dirndl have matching aprons and come with short puff sleeve peasant girl blouses. Remember girls, tie your apron bows to the front of your Dirndl - on the left if you're single, on the right if you're taken.


OK, there's only one thing left to sort, how are you going to do your hair?  There's one simple answer to that - think plaits.  Think every variation of plaits you can imagine. Traditional like Heidi, up in buns like Princess Leia, across the top of your head, down the side of your face, swept to the side of your neck. Here are some more ideas to get you started - http://www.i-hairstyles.com/oktoberfest-dirndl-hairstyles-2014.html 

For more costume and accessory ideas check out our full Oktoberfest range at http://www.disguises.com.au/collections/oktoberfest-costumes-accessories


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